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A friend of mine is going to participate in the St Baldrick's Shave to support cancer research. I am including the link here for anyone that would be interested in donating. 

Thank you Sara Murphy for doing this. I am moved to tears. 
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Oh man. What a week. I will be happy for the weekend. My son left for radiation treatments on Wednesday afternoon, after just getting home Tuesday afternoon from a hospital stay for a fever. Thankfully the chemo that causes fevers is done. Yesterday, my husband came down with a GI bug and stayed home from work (which if he stays home, its bad). Then at 11 the school called and my youngest had a fever, so I had to leave work and go get him and bring him home. So I stayed home and worked the rest of the day. Woke this morning and got ready as he was fever free till fifteen minutes before walking out the door. Now he is sinusy. Head cold FTW. So im home again. 
So...this is sorta a three day weekend for me??? 

Im so drugging myself to sleep tonight. 
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I am going to use dreamwidth as a recipe drop as well! Like slow cooker Mongolian Beef

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Dad goes in for more spinal fusion surgery at 11 today. He is nervous. They told him the extremes of what they may have to go through in the surgery which would include redoing the whole thing. This upset him. Between sleep deprivation from extreme restless leg syndrome, he has not had a good night sleep in many months. He is very depressed. He also has an abdominal aortic anyerysm that will need treatment at some point but for now they are just "watching it". I facetime'd with him this morning so I could see him before he went in. He doesnt want me to come down till he is out of the hospital.

Any good thoughts and prayers would be appreciated.

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YAY! Shoprite deliveries everything! Including a possible case of listeria! They called five minutes after the delivery girl left to say dont eat the Dole Bag salad as its been recalled for Listeria. They asked us to return it to the store for a refund.
Heres the info for anyone else who may have any of this salad in their fridge. (serves me right for trying to eat healthier!!):
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Bit the bullet and got on the scale last night and though I am not pleased I am relieved to see I only gained 5 pounds from all the holiday eating. Time to get back on track now. I have two partners in crime to work together with on the get healthy goal and I have another friend who has lost a lot of weight and is a great inspiration at her dedication to healthy eating. (I need her to rub some of that dedication, willpower and motivation off on me.) I am not setting a specific weight loss number or a goal weight. I just want to feel good, be more flexible and be happy within my own skin. A number is just that..a number. My personal happiness with myself is what matters the most...loving myself (or at least liking myself). Lets do this!
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Well, Im at work so obviously, I didn't win the lottery. (honestly I think Id probably still come in for a little while even if I had won). Ill buy a couple more tickets this week. What the hell, right? Can't win if you don't play. I am not one of those people that spend a hundred bucks to buy tickets but ten bucks?? Thats ok. Id never do more than that. When Im sent to get money today at some point (as I am sure I will be) Ill buy the tickets at Quick Check.

Tonight there will be ravioli for dinner, salad and knitting afterwards. Almost done the last "christmas" present that I was late doing - scarves for my almost in laws in Wyoming. Ive gotten pretty good at a simple cabling pattern.
I stayed up entirely too late watching Enders Game and Iron Man 2 on Spike and knitting on the last christmas scarf. I need more coffee. 
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2016 is going to be about me. I want it to be the year of creativity and new experiences. I am going to make a list for myself of things I would like to try, learn and do (yes, a bucket list of sorts). I will actively seek teachers if I have difficulty learning it on my own through self study. This will be an active on going list. I will accept any suggestions or help offered.

1. Sign up for an overnight security shift at Pennsic (I've mentioned this one before)
2. Learn to make lamp-work beads for my viking. (i have the set up thanks to the menfolk's Christmas gift)
3. Tablet weaving
4. Learn how to make mead with the 10 pounds of raw honey I have
5. Become competent in the last categories I am not ranked in within Athena's Thimble (Lacis, Needlelace, Openwork & Smocking).
6. Give fencing a try (heavy list i think is too much for my back) and also Archery (I need better arrows, have bow and quiver already)
7. Do more heralding (apparently, I know how to project...who knew!!!)
8. Make more garb for myself that is embroidered (I currently only own 1 thing with my embroidery)
9. More socks..of course. (They're like potato chips, ya know?!)
10. Make more embroidered hand made books. Especially one for myself. That will happen first.
11. Take at least one picture every day and try to always learn a little more about my camera and a better way to take a photo.

I can come up with more and I will as the year progresses, but primarily this will be focused around me as I have been sorely neglecting myself for a long time. I will complete the couple projects for others I have promised but, I need to make things for on me. I will post creations and such here and on my blog (which may be switching to WordPress at some point).

Anyway...that's as close to a resolution as I will make. Hope everyone has had a grand New Years so far! Cheers!


Nov. 5th, 2015 02:33 pm
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Signed the binder last night. Got home owners insurance quote and passed to the mortgage people. Another walk through of the house this weekend. Shits getting real. 
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So, house update. On Friday my realtor called and said that the seller's realtor got in touch with her. She had told the seller's our upped offer and they liked it. The big but is, they had to do the showing on Sunday as a formality. That being said, the viewers can always bid as well and Im sure there is a small hope on their end that they will bid higher or take their selling price.  It is 12:35 now and I am getting ready to take Leo to his last soccer game for the season. Next weekend its parents and coaches agains the kids for fun. There is a pizza party and such too.

I am hoping against hope that the realtor calls later this afternoon to say they are accepting our bid on the house. I know we are probably bidding a little higher than it is worth in current condition (which isnt bad at all just dated) but the location is exactly what we want especially with kids, you know? Dead end street, half acre of land and its wooded and quiet and I have friends that live a couple of doors down.  **crossing my fingers**

In order to keep my mind occupied I have Breakfast made for the family and kitchen cleaned. Dishwasher running. Last load of laundry going. Youngest dressed for last soccer game of the season (over an hour early I might add). Catering to my sweetie who is under the weather with a head cold and doing all the things so he can rest. Played a few hour session of Minecraft with the youngest. Cracked the whip and made the boys clean their room and make their beds...also take out the trash and recycling.  After soccer game, there will be movies, popcorn and knitting with my honey.

I have ordered from knit picks upon the suggestion of [ profile] hugh_mannity a ball winder and a wooden swift. I have so many skeins of yarn from Sheep and Wool as well as in my already existing stash that I think it would drive Ryan nuts if I had him hold the skeins while I wound. I look forward to them coming in.

Next embroidery projects are a commissioned embroidered laurel elevation book and blackwork cuffs and collar.  I am also knitting socks again and some will be for Christmas presents.

Well, off to the soccer game!
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Things that make you smile and bring you joy.

This is one of them. I love this entirely too much!
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So, the realtor called and said that the seller's were not going to take our bid because the house still has a sizeable mortgage on it that the estate of the deceased doesnt cover the entire thing. They also said they didn't want to counter until after the weekend because there was a showing going to happen this weekend. I guess they want to see if there is a better offer made. So we up'd our bid to ten percent off the asking price instead of twenty percent. It was presented to the seller's realtor who stated it was a fair price because of the work that needs doing on the house. The seller's realtor also said that there is no way they will get asking price because of the work that needs doing. She would present our new bid to the seller but I don't expect to hear anything until after the weekend. Its really disheartening because its perfect for the boys. The property is great, its on a dead end street where there wont be a lot of traffic, lots of space in the house and so much closet space. you wouldn't see any of our SCA stuff anywhere out unless we wanted it to be displayed.

I really want this house. I really want out of my house too because of the slumlord we rent from.

Please send up some good thoughts. I really want this house bad. Its on a dead end street with lots of trees and on over half an acre.
I put this up at work so that I can keep thinking positively about it.
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To the lady that just walked into my showroom who is standing way across the room from me:   Good god! You do not need to douse yourself in a bucket of perfume! Super flowery perfume at that!!  Its so strong I can smell it from here and you are a good 15 feet away!  Can you not smell how strong that is!!??
My contacts are burning and I am having flashbacks to clear plastic covered furniture and boufant beehive hairdos of my Aunt Ada.  I can clearly see her lamp with the grecian lady in the middle of the diagonal strings with the oil sliding down in idividual drips that lights up hanging from her livingroom ceiling!  (she was another that poured on her perfume like this)
There is a happy medium between a spritz on the wrist and up ending the bottle on your head and clothing in a parisian bath. I can almost see if wafting around you!  Please...back the eff off of the amount in the future. For all our sakes.
No love (and now sneezing),
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..but the blackwork bug has bit me again. I love doing blackwork. LOVE IT! Not that I do a persona that is tudor or elizabethan or spanish in anyway shape or form but man I love that form of embroidery.  I have it in my head to make a coif for my student as a gift since she is going to get given an award soon and she has a tudor persona. I voiced my desire to my guy and he immediately said "Nope, you're not allowed,".  WHY?! "Because you are setting an unrealistic deadline to have it done by x date and it will kill you to get it done and I think you need to make things for yourself or me and the boys instead of everyone else."  

I grumbled and showed my unhappy face. He wouldnt budge.  What I hate to admit is he is right. Then I thought I would do it for her birthday but its a month after XX event and that doesnt really give me enough time.  Before I had this conversation with him I started doing research into a different style than the original that I made ten years ago.  I had these two sites on just quick searches:


I do need to do a set of cuffs for a friend that asked me sometime ago. cuffs are fast and easy and I can make quick work of them and get them back to her. Maybe that will satisfy the blackwork bug rising in me.

I have an A&S list of things I want to do for myself and my family. Perhaps listing it here will help me stay on track:

-Embroidery my black apron dress with some seam stitching
-Fix the new burgandy viking undergown and embroider that with runes and beasties
-Make my boys some garb. Currently, they only have about two tunics each and they are summer weight
-Finish embroidering the green tunic I made for Ryan. Also make another set of winagas for him.
-Embroider the apprentege belt that I put together for myself to go with the viking
-Make a couple more viking outfits for myself
-Embroider the red flannel tunic I made for Ryan
-Add some embroidery to his blue/plaid flannel tunic as well
-Make a few more embroidered book covers

Projects I have for others to do is:
-Blackwork cuffs/collar for one friend
-Commissioned laurel vigil book for a friend being elevated this winter
-finish trim on a friends tunic

I believe that is it. Much much smaller than it use to be.

Epic Story!

Feb. 9th, 2015 07:33 am
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Taken from Facebook

Had to share from Timothy's truly is epic!!! Thank you Lou McBride!

Prince and Princess of AEthelmearc stop Highwayman's Reign of Terror on the King's Road in the Barony of Endless Hills.
Barony residents are safe tonight due to the brave actions of the of our Royal heirs and their entourage. Their Highnesses were traveling south on the Kings Road, in the Barony when they stopped to assist a man in need. This rogue played them false, for he attempted to hijack their carriage. Their Highnesses along with Master Tigernach Mac Cathail and Mistress Katheryn Th Isef were able to overwhelm this blackgard until local constables were able to take the knave into custody. Earlier this brigade injured another driver while hijacking their wagon.The assailant says it was strong drink that lead to his actions.All of the Residents of the Endless Hills owe their Highnesses a debt of gratitude for ending this reign of terror.
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Day so far:
-Convenience store run at 630 for milk (plowed through snow to and back)
-Helped shovel driveway with +Ryan Bohlen so he could get to work
-Shoveled the front path to the rent deposit box on my porch
-hauled in three loads of firewood (fire currently going)
-Fed the kids (now busy on tablets)
-First load of laundry going, tons to fold from yesterday
-All warcraft followers have been sent on missions
-meat defrosting for chili dinner (contemplating a crock pot recipe...suggestions??)

What I'd like to get done today:
-finish present due for Dragonshiphaven investiture
-finish knitting moms socks
-start next pair with a new pattern
-match the bazillion pair of socks that are piled on Ryan's dresser
-The house could use a good cleaning too

Edit: tonights dinner:
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