Oct. 15th, 2014 09:48 am
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So am I crazy for wanting to make this for myself???
here is the link for it: http://www.artic.edu/aic/collections/artwork/51263

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This is a moving video..makes me realize how guilty i am of everything he says. I know i have said im going to be less connected with my phone, i am going to try even harder to be more in the real world and not staring at the screen of a phone.
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And this is why!! (Don't judge me...allow me my once calorie free vice)


Aug. 9th, 2014 11:07 am
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Back from Pennsic a day early and so glad for it. I took over 2400 photos and have edited them all out and uploaded them.  Picasa is being a dick and screwing up uploads so some dont have water marks due to manually uploading them from camera to the online album. Very frustrating.

Anyway..they are here: https://plus.google.com/photos/107530822403255590361/albums/6045359053956506865

Hope you enjoy them! Ill write more about how Pennsic was later today after I grocery shop and have a second cup of GOOD coffee!

hey murphy

Jun. 23rd, 2014 03:43 pm
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go fuck yourself
no love,

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I feel like time just gets away from me so fast and I never get to blog what has been going on. I keep envisioning this grand large blog post about all that has happened of late but i never get the time.  I will try tomorrow after a run to the DMV to register the van.

Not that my life is very exciting and you all are just waiting on baited breath to know what is going on or anything.
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Ok we have a demo coming up on Saturday June 7th set up time 9:30 and will go to 1:30 I don't think it will go past 2 or so this is a demo for the boy scouts and cub scouts of pack/troop 26 we have done this demo in the past for just the cub-scouts but we have been asked to come back again this year and include the boy scout troop as well and there might be other troops from the surrounding areas joining as well.
I am calling on all of you again for this year. As in the past this is a full on demo so pass the word we are looking for any and all types of artisans and activities, fighters who can come and show case their stuff this is the first missive and will be following up with more info, if you have questions post them or contact me directly. I chose this weekend for it is one that is not up against any other major event. We have clearance for any and all martial activities. YES ANY AND ALL siege weapons have been there in the past thrown weapons is a go C.A as well.
The location is the Town of Esopus Town Hall Port Ewen N.Y
There is ample parking
electricity by the field if needed
Kitchen and an in door space and flushies
Again lets get the word out Cross post as anyone see fit

My two boys are in this pack if anyone cares to come hang out.
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Cravings for soda are very strong in the last day or so. It's been over two weeks since I have had any type of soda or anything with artificial sweetener.  Really wanting it bad. Had a regular peach ice tea today but only drank half of it. Didnt fit the bill of what i wanted. Didn't give in though..but it's tough these last two days. I feel like I should be standing up and saying "Hi! I'm Jenn and I'm a recovering Diet Coke-a-holic"
*slaps vein*
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On a side note. There is a large hullabaloo going on right now about a situation that happened at Coronation.  The site was packed. Lots and lots of people. The area for socializing was lax in table space and combined with an auction to benefit the travel fund.  In the late morning, a table of kids with some parents as well (I wasn't there, but Ryan was sitting with my boys) were eating their lunches and also playing card games or hand held electronic devices.  Table space became a premium as the day board started not to long afterwards.  One acquaintance (yes they are a peer as is apparently part of the big uproar but I dont factor that into the situation as I don't see it as being used for leverage in any way) came up to Ryan and asked if the children could be moved to the floor so that adults could sit at the table and eat. Very politely he declined saying they were still eating as well and he offered his chair to her so that she could sit to dine, but she said she had other friends with her and walked away. Dancing was also about to start so then the children would have had no place to sit.  It was shortly after this that I walked up and was told about what happened.  I was listening to this when another friend walked up to me, very reluctantly I might add, asking me if the kids could be moved so as to make table space for the adults.  My ire got up then...but I reigned it in as she expressed that she didn't want to come up and discuss this with me.  I told her, politely, that I did not want to move the kids as some were still eating, they were being quiet and well behaved, there was no place else for them to go and they were also adult supervised by THREE adults sitting there. She agreed with me, wished she told the woman who asked her to speak to me, no. I told her, it isnt fair to make the kids move because they are kids. Would you ask another table of adults to get up and move to make room for others? I also expressed that this is one of the reasons that adults with children are not coming to events anymore because there seems to be a mentality of "seen but not heard" and sometimes not even seen.  Kids are a lot of times treated as second class citizens....yet this is the future of our society. If we brush them off and not treat them as equals, they won't want to stay and help it grow in the future.  And as someone else pointed out, yes...all of these children are paid members and have the same rights. My two boys are paid members and have been for two years now.

It was during this conversation with my friend that an area was found for the kids to play in on the second floor, thus freeing up table space and appeasing the adults that apparently complained to heads in charge of the event.  They were whisked away so they werent "in the way" anymore.  I was very agitated. I kept my cool but damn it, it isnt fair.  When things like this happen, it makes me want to step away from all of it.

I understand those that do not have children, have chosen not to have their own for their own reasons, but please dont penalize those of us that do and want to enrich their lives with the SCA as well by bringing them to events where they can socialize, learn new things and themselves grow....because they are in the way.   Someday, these children will be running things.  Lets encourage their experience...not hinder or dampen it.

Just my two cents.
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It's 430 am. I've been up since 1 due to coughing fit by Ryan whom i got to prop himself up with pillows to kill that. It worked. At 3 Kyle had coughing fit I helped settle with tissues for his nose and a drink and a little chuckle about how he must have grown taller in the night (and I swear he had). So here I sit wide awake unable to get back to sleep. I had milk and cookies and here I type. I find it funny how I am mother to all, caregiver to the family and never get the rest for myself. I need a vacation on a beach somewhere where I will get cared for and pampered.

So I suppose going to bed now would be pointless. Might as well stay up. Frustrating. A lot.

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Ryan's tunic I just finished embroidering.



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