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So, the realtor called and said that the seller's were not going to take our bid because the house still has a sizeable mortgage on it that the estate of the deceased doesnt cover the entire thing. They also said they didn't want to counter until after the weekend because there was a showing going to happen this weekend. I guess they want to see if there is a better offer made. So we up'd our bid to ten percent off the asking price instead of twenty percent. It was presented to the seller's realtor who stated it was a fair price because of the work that needs doing on the house. The seller's realtor also said that there is no way they will get asking price because of the work that needs doing. She would present our new bid to the seller but I don't expect to hear anything until after the weekend. Its really disheartening because its perfect for the boys. The property is great, its on a dead end street where there wont be a lot of traffic, lots of space in the house and so much closet space. you wouldn't see any of our SCA stuff anywhere out unless we wanted it to be displayed.

I really want this house. I really want out of my house too because of the slumlord we rent from.

Please send up some good thoughts. I really want this house bad. Its on a dead end street with lots of trees and on over half an acre.
I put this up at work so that I can keep thinking positively about it.
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