Oct. 23rd, 2015

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..but the blackwork bug has bit me again. I love doing blackwork. LOVE IT! Not that I do a persona that is tudor or elizabethan or spanish in anyway shape or form but man I love that form of embroidery.  I have it in my head to make a coif for my student as a gift since she is going to get given an award soon and she has a tudor persona. I voiced my desire to my guy and he immediately said "Nope, you're not allowed,".  WHY?! "Because you are setting an unrealistic deadline to have it done by x date and it will kill you to get it done and I think you need to make things for yourself or me and the boys instead of everyone else."  

I grumbled and showed my unhappy face. He wouldnt budge.  What I hate to admit is he is right. Then I thought I would do it for her birthday but its a month after XX event and that doesnt really give me enough time.  Before I had this conversation with him I started doing research into a different style than the original that I made ten years ago.  I had these two sites on just quick searches:




I do need to do a set of cuffs for a friend that asked me sometime ago. cuffs are fast and easy and I can make quick work of them and get them back to her. Maybe that will satisfy the blackwork bug rising in me.

I have an A&S list of things I want to do for myself and my family. Perhaps listing it here will help me stay on track:

-Embroidery my black apron dress with some seam stitching
-Fix the new burgandy viking undergown and embroider that with runes and beasties
-Make my boys some garb. Currently, they only have about two tunics each and they are summer weight
-Finish embroidering the green tunic I made for Ryan. Also make another set of winagas for him.
-Embroider the apprentege belt that I put together for myself to go with the viking
-Make a couple more viking outfits for myself
-Embroider the red flannel tunic I made for Ryan
-Add some embroidery to his blue/plaid flannel tunic as well
-Make a few more embroidered book covers

Projects I have for others to do is:
-Blackwork cuffs/collar for one friend
-Commissioned laurel vigil book for a friend being elevated this winter
-finish trim on a friends tunic

I believe that is it. Much much smaller than it use to be.

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To the lady that just walked into my showroom who is standing way across the room from me:   Good god! You do not need to douse yourself in a bucket of perfume! Super flowery perfume at that!!  Its so strong I can smell it from here and you are a good 15 feet away!  Can you not smell how strong that is!!??
My contacts are burning and I am having flashbacks to clear plastic covered furniture and boufant beehive hairdos of my Aunt Ada.  I can clearly see her lamp with the grecian lady in the middle of the diagonal strings with the oil sliding down in idividual drips that lights up hanging from her livingroom ceiling!  (she was another that poured on her perfume like this)
There is a happy medium between a spritz on the wrist and up ending the bottle on your head and clothing in a parisian bath. I can almost see if wafting around you!  Please...back the eff off of the amount in the future. For all our sakes.
No love (and now sneezing),


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